Saturday, October 5, 2013

Things Alexander says...

Alexander @ 3.5yo sitting on the sofa with iPad in his hand:
Alex: Search for bumblebee
(talking to the ipad and repeated for a few times)
I was curious so I walked over to look at the iPad screen, google was returning the search result for Bumblebee o_O"

Later I found out from hubby that he had taught the boy to ask uncle google using voice command
Oh no! Does this mean my boy will not ask me all the What Why How??

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things most romantic hubby said #1

At the indoor pool:

After I swam 4 laps at the Olympic pool...
Hubby said: Saw Gloria at the pool.
Me: Gloria?
Hubby: Yea, from Madagascar.
Me: -__- U meant the hippo?
Me: u wait ar

Hubby: wow... look at the swimming instructor...
Me: WAH! The tummy so round hor... look like 7 months pregnant le.
Hubby: I cannot trust that guy to teach my son
Me: eh... why?
Hubby: I don't think he can swim, he's just floating around

Hubby: eh... I don't think u can get slim by swimming la
Me: Why not?
Hubby: See...  **and points to a bunch of "vertically enhance" teenagers swimming in the pool.
Me: -__-

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perth Day 4 : Penguin Experience Discovery Centre

Highlight of today is "The Penguin Discovery Centre", where we can see little penguins at close range. Penguin commentaries and feeding times are at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. We made it for the 1 st session at 10.30am as planned.

The cute penguin stamp that we got before entering the Discovery Centre.
 The penguins here are really small. We also learn about how they live in their natural habitat.
 Hi there!! Alexander will say this to all the animal
 Alexander is curious about the penguin.
 Mocking the lil penguin.. hahaha... What? They really have a very cute walk ba
 There were about 10 small cute penguins swimming in their little pool and getting fed while the staff was giving the talk about penguins.
 Er... doesn't look like happy feet
 Some of these penguins were rescued... and being cared for here. The ones you see at the Discovery Centre are the ones that are not suited for release and will not survive in the wild.
 The little penguin is the smallest of the world’s 17 penguin species. The penguins are really really adorable...
The price is quite steep but all the money goes into the upkeep of this place, so I think it's worth it!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Perth Day 4: Penguin Island, Rockingham

Road trip going down south start today! We started our day early to beat the traffic... and arrive in good time at Rockingham.

Breakfast at Giancarlo Coffee...
AUD12 for the big breakfast... including a cappuccino . It was bad.
 A brand new day, a brand new adventure. Today gonna be all about Penguin and Sea Lions! Located in the spectacular Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, just 45 minutes south of Perth is Penguin Island- a beautiful, unspoilt nature reserve.
Look at all the sea weed... stink real bad
Any fish for me, Mr. Pelican??
 We Opted for the The Penguin and Sea Lion Cruise AUD34.50 per person.
 Rockingham Wild Encounters operate an hourly ferry service to Penguin Island (it's only a 5 minute ride)
 The Penguin Island jetty is visible
 Arrived in time for Penguin Feeding...
 Alexander matching towards the penguin... excited!
 Penguin Island is a delight - undeveloped and natural. Spotted a seagull guarding the eggs...
 Alexander just loved chasing and
 scaring the seagull away. Boo-ooo!!!
 Lots of seagull around... Doesn't seem to be afraid of human. The railings is full of bird crap
 Alexander pretending to cry... ah.. my cheeky boy
 Many of these King Skinks lazing around getting warmth from the sun ready to pounce on seagulls' eggs
 ooo...caves... will explore that later on... Stay tune!

Burger King Perth

 Thumbs up from daddy!
 We manage to squeeze in 2 meals at our favorite burger joint during the 2 weeks stay in Perth!

Ar... When will Kuching have BURGER King?? sigh

Perth Day 3: Chocolateria San Churro

Wendy suggested a place for after dinner indulgent treat... although we were not hungry, but the chocolate lover in me could not resist the temptation.

This place is a dieters worst nightmare, a pms'ers best friend...
 Even the menu look yummylicious! How to choose? Can we get all?
 Alexander getting excited!
There are no words to describe San Churro's..except the word, heaven! It tastes like pure melted chocolate, very filling I must say!
The original thick and legendary Spanish hot chocolate. I don’t exactly know what they add inside and it may be actually really simple, but to my innocent tongue, it tasted like I ate Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
Daddy's Cappuccino... 
Here's the highlight of the night...Chocolate Fondue ...
A dreamy, moulton melt of chocolate with mini churros, choc brownie, marshmallows and seasonal fruits
Alexander eying the milk chocolate dipping sauce
owww...  the couple that's sweeter than chocolate dipping sauce :P
Time for a group photo! All smiles :D
Churros is fresh and yummy, crunchy and sweet with that amazing cinnamon sugar dusting.
San Churros is packed to the brim with people. Its loud and bustling, to the point of being invasive, but I suppose that is due to its central location. 

No other perfect way to end the evening than to get a hot chocolate and churro's night cap before heading off home. I could not of asked for a better ending..most amazing hot chocholate I have...  and the dipping chocolate is DIVINE.
Thank you for the treat Wendy & Jason! 1 of the highlight in this trip

The address:
Ground Floor, 1 Rokeby Road
Subiaco, Western Australia
Australia 6008

Perth Day 3: Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

Visited Little Creatures Brewing before dinner time... 

Ferris Wheel just beside the parking lot...
 Were surprise to see a working brewery there
An open kitchen... u can see the clean kitchen. And looked really busy too! The place was very pack.
Will definitely try this the next trip.... the pizza looks mouthwatering
 Wood-fired pizza anyone?
The working brewery. You can join a very interesting, funny and enjoyable tour with Ian at 1,2 or 3pm. It is free and you taste the different beers and ciders at the end of the tour, brilliant! But I only found out about this went we got back... what a bummer...
Can I try the beer daddy?
  Wendy got the bartender to give hubby "a beer buffet" hahaha.. to taste the different beers and ciders
7 glasses of beer/ciders...
With compliments from Little Creatures! 
 You can rent bikes from Little Creatures as well, again, free! The big draw card for parents is the huge sandpit on the deck overlooking the water plus on Sunday you can find Aaron Smyth creating his balloon works of art. Aaron the balloon artist is there Friday nights from 7pm and from 10am-2pm Sundays.

Then we walked to  Joe's Fish Shack
Joe's Combo Seafood Platter -- A whole steamed and chilled W.A crayfish, Salt and Pepper Squid, Skewered Garlic Prawns, Grilled Spanish Mackerel and chilli Mussels served with a basket of sour dough bread, tartare and a tangy dipping sauce.
 The Chilli Mussels... GREAT!!!! We even finished the bread, by soaking it in the yummylicious gravy, Wendy's style!
 Our lovely host! Great Food! Great Company! What more can we ask for?
 Alexander digging in...literally with his fingers... it's about time to train him to use utensils
 Creative cashier counter... AUD144 for the meal... burp~~
 Some fisherman sculptures at the wharf
 Those pillars are with names of those that perish in the sea..
Since we were so full, took the time to walk towards Cicerellos Fremantle. The big aquarium there really captivate lil Alexander.
 wo kang ni... ni kang wo....

42 Mews Rd
Fishing Boat Harbour
Fremantle WA 6160